How You Can Monetize Content In MORE Ways With SESIRE

We’ve said it before and we will say it again – SESIRE is community-driven platform that puts a twist on the traditional subscription based platforms that people might be used to.We put our Creators first and so, not only can Creators make up to 15% more on SESIRE, Creators can monetize their content in a variety of other ways too – not just through subscriptions.

Creators can share content that’s free to view for followers, as well as content that’s for subscribers only. Subscriber content can be allocated to specific tiers, or everyone. Creators can also offer premium content which can be purchased or paid to view once – it’s hard work of the Creators so they should get full control!

We built our platform to give Creators back control of their earnings – and that’s exactly what it does. Here’s exactly how Content Creators can earn on SESIRE:

Monthly Subscriptions

Probably the most well known way to monetize content through online adult subscription platforms, SESIRE’s subscription service enables creators to earn recurring income from their content, rather than from one-time purchases. Subscriptions can be purchased for a period of up to 12-months. Users are able to pay for photo, video and live content via a monthly membership.

Creators can enable up to 3 subscription tiers, each with different pricing. Creators will then decide which content they’d like to assign to each subscription tier. Promotions can be set across all tiers or each one individually. Not only this, perks and discounts can be attributed to each one; Creators have complete control – don’t say we don’t treat you!

Earn Tips

Tips are a great way for Creators to make extra money from fans. Tipping is totally voluntary (although highly encouraged), which means fans pay at their own will if they want to show Creators extra appreciation for their free or paid content. The amount that can be tipped is up to the person giving the tip. There is no minimum or maximum amount. 

But just something to note – to ensure fans are more likely to give tips we recommend that Creators post high-quality content, and most importantly, post consistently. Fans often tip in order to get noticed. If they know Creators are spending a lot of time creating content for their SESIRE account, fans are more likely to tip to get a Creator’s attention. Creators can engage with fans who do tip. Giving them a little extra attention encourages them to tip again.

Go Live

LIVE is a great way of earning on SESIRE. Creators simply set a buy-in price (optional) and a price per minute and they’re set. Creators have complete control over who can join their LIVE – whether they want anyone on the platform to be able to join, or only subscribers. It’s also possible to be selective and invite specific people – a great way to increase prices for a more personal viewing experience. Who doesn’t love a personal touch?

Pay-Per-View Messages

When fans send messages to Creators, it is possible for Creators to reply whilst keeping the message content hidden. Fans are then encouraged to pay to view the response of the Creator. A great way to increase income from pay-per-view messages is to start conversations, and when fans are invested in the conversation, Creators can switch to pay-per-view- clever right?

Custom Requests

As Creators welcome more fans into their fanbase, custom requests become popular. If fans are interested in Creators they will often reach out to them with custom requests. These requests are great for Creators as it can inspire content ideas and help them better understand what their audience wants to see. If fans are enjoying the content being created, the likelihood of fans giving tips increases. Custom requests can also be delivered in the form of pay-per-view content.

Pay-Per-View Content

Pay-per-view content empowers Creators to share content which can only be viewed when a user pays to see it. The content can be discovered on a Creator’s timeline, but it can’t be seen until the user pays to unlock it.

Premium Paid Posts

SESIRE Creators can also create premium content which can be purchased by the fans. This means fans get access to, and keep, the content forever. There is also the opportunity for Creators to sell content to fans, but only allow them to view it once. If the content is what they’re looking for, they will more than likely pay for more views – or even purchase the next time round.


SESIRE supports collaborations, meaning one or more Creators can benefit from creating content together. All creators can be tagged in the content using their username and all associated audiences will see the content. It’s a great way to create exciting content that can be reached by even more fans.

Start creating and get discovered 

As well as collaborations, SESIRE helps Creators reach more fans with industry-leading, AI-powered discoverability features. Creators no longer need to reach the top 1% to earn a lot of money from their content. Our platform is changing the game for new, and up-and-coming Content Creators. 

Simply by having an active account on SESIRE, Creators will receive much more visibility – regardless of fanbase size. All Creators need to do is keep active on the platform and generate content. It’s the easiest way for Creators to grow their fanbase and make money faster than on any other adult subscription platform.

We’re committed to putting Creators in the driving seat by building a community-led platform. So, come & play, you know you want too.