How To Promote Your SESIRE Account Without Social Media

Promoting without social media – we bet that’s something you never thought you’d hear in this digital world right?

Creators will often be very tempted to join the world of adult content creation when they hear about overnight success stories from other Creators. In most instances, Creators who are able to make over $100k in their first month creating, did already have a very large social media following which they were able to monetize. But, that doesn’t mean Creators HAVE to have a following to make money from content – they just have to be more realistic about how long it will take them to reach their income goals. 

Most importantly, they need to be more selective with the platform they choose to create content. There are a small handful of adult creator platforms out there, just like SESIRE, which were built with new creators (with small, or inexistent, followings) in mind. 

But first, it’s important to be realistic and have attainable goals in mind. We encourage Creators to aim high, as it’s very achievable to make a LOT of money from content – especially with SESIRE as we offer industry-leading shares of 85% – but it’s important that Creators don’t get ahead of themselves too soon and deter themselves. Creators must think ahead and be here for the long game.

How long will it take to be successful with no followers?

Overnight success is obviously less achievable. But if Creators are willing to put in the work, remain consistent, manage their expectations and not give up, especially on social media – it is more than possible for Creators to overtake their salary through their content. This will happen over time, and not overnight. Although Creators have the opportunity to learn and grow – which is key if they want to make adult content creation a sustainable income stream.

If Creators work hard, we’ve seen them achieve $1k per month within 2-6 months. Again, consistency here is key. Creators should focus on hitting the $1k goal, then when this is achieved they can move their thoughts and plan towards hitting those $5k and $10k months.

Creators should choose a platform that supports those outside of the top 1%

Reach fans with SESIRE’s AI-powered discoverability tools

On SESIRE, Creators with no followers can take advantage of unique AI-powered, discoverability tools which ensure Creators can get their personal brand – and content – in front of much larger audiences, meaning that you don’t need a huge social media following to be discovered. 

Unlike other platforms, SESIRE doesn’t favor Creators in the top 1%. We’re changing the game for new and up-and-coming Creators, making earning money with no social media following, not only achievable, but extremely worthwhile.

Simply by creating content on SESIRE, Creators’ content will get in front of all platform users. On most platforms, like OnlyFans for example, content is shared to the ‘feed’ and ‘for-you-pages’, but only when the Creator reaches the top 1% – which as most Creators know is extremely difficult. We’re seeing many Creators move to SESIRE to take advantage of our industry-leading discoverability tools.

Focus on Reddit promotion

Reddit is the best platform for Creators who are starting out with 0 followers. It technically doesn’t care how many followers a Creator has – whether it’s zero or 1 million, there’s no difference. It’s a platform which is NSFW and adult content friendly. It also contains pre-build communities for different adult content niches, so Creators can get very targeted when trying to get eyes on their content – which saves a lot of time and wasted marketing efforts. 

Reddit has over 21 billion average screen views per month. In 2023 it was the best platform for helping OnlyFans Creators grow their accounts. Now SESIRE is storming the market and making it even more achievable for new and up-and-coming adult Creators to easily make money from their content, all SESIRE Creators are using Reddit too. 

What’s more? Reddit has relatively low competition because most Creators stick with traditional social media platforms and aren’t sure how to make Reddit work for them.

How to start using Reddit – Understanding the basics

Unlike social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram where people actively look out for the number of followers a Creator has, Reddit doesn’t take this into consideration. With Reddit, it’s as simple as – good content gets upvoted to the top and therefore gets more clicks. It doesn’t matter

If you’ve never used Reddit before – the three main terms, which Creators will need to understand to make Reddit work for them are Subreddits, Upvoting/Downvoting and Karma. We’ll cover each in more details below:


Every post in Reddit goes into a Subreddit – which are essentially more niche communities within Reddit itself that house similar content topics. Users can subscribe to subreddits to view content which is of most interest to them. 

Adult Content Creators should spend time finding subreddits that are related to their niche. This way they can easily get in front of users who are already interested in what they have to offer.

Upvotes and downvotes

Reddit works on a voting system. The platform’s users will upvote or downvote posts and comments, depending on the perceived value. As you would probably imagine, if a Creator has content upvoted, it is more likely to appear higher up the page. The upvotes and downvotes create an overall post score, which determines where the content will sit on the page thread. 


Karma is the sum of upvotes minus downvotes across the whole of Reddit – so this determines how valuable content is perceived as a whole, as opposed to unique posts or comments. Creators on Reddit can earn ‘comment karma’ which is gained when users upvote or downvote comments posted by the Creators, and ‘post karma’ which is the same, but for text or link posts.

If you want to learn more about how Creators can benefit from Reddit, with examples of how to create a profile, where to find suitable subreddits, and what to post – subscribe to our mailing list as we have a detailed coming very soon.