3 Tips Get Started With Content Creation on SESIRE

We get it – the world of adult content creation can be an exciting, yet daunting, place for new Creators. Choose the safest and most suitable platform, find a community of supportive creators to help guide your Creator journey, and understand the basics of creating content – that’s all it takes to get Creators set to start making money online from their content.

SESIRE is here to break the mold and show creators that adult content creation doesn’t have to be daunting. Selecting SESIRE as your platform of choice means Creators can rest assured knowing that they are part of an inclusive community that genuinely cares. We’re dedicated to building a fun environment where Creators can focus on doing what they do best – making awesome content!

SESIRE – unlike the majority of Creator platforms – was built with Creators at the forefront. To put it simply, we are a creator-first platform and here to empower you. Our platform’s Governance model is just one of the initiatives we use to give our creators a voice, as it allows you to provide feedback to help shape the future of the platform. It’s important to us that Creators have a say on the decisions we make – the platform is for you, after all.

By joining SESIRE, Creators can be confident they’re safe and supported. This just leaves the basics – getting started with creating content. Here are some top tips from SESIRE’s current brand ambassadors to help new Creators get started with content creation.

Creators can focus on doing what they love – creating content

The equipment you’ll need to create content

Creating content doesn’t need to be complicated. You just need to get your hands on the below basic pieces of equipment to start creating. 

Which device should be used to create content?

Don’t be tricked into believing you need a high-quality piece of camera kit to make good content- it’s a myth. One of the latest models of iPhone or Android is more than enough to get your content creation career started. Depending on your budget, you could invest in a camera (something like a Canon G7 Mark ii would work), but to begin with, your phone will be just fine.

Invest in a Tripod to keep content steady

Not all of your content can be created with your smartphone or camera in your hand. Sometimes it works – depending on the type of content you’re creating – but you’ll often need something more sturdy. Whether for photos or videos, a tripod with height adjustments and swivels will help get those shots that will bring in the money.

Light it up!  

Lighting is important when it comes to creating content. Our SESIRE ambassadors always recommend investing in a ring light. It’ll help content appear to be of a higher quality. By default, most ring lights offer white light but will also encompass different settings. As an adult content Creator it helps to adjust the lighting to match the mood of the content. You know how important it is to set the mood. 

Be heard. Use a microphone.

Sound quality is important if you’re creating videos, particularly LIVE videos (side note: it’s a way Creators can earn a lot of money on SESIRE). There’s nothing worse than a crackling audio or a sound that echoes in video content – what a mood killer.  As a content creator who is just starting out, it can be expensive to buy new equipment, so we’d recommend starting with a lapel microphone. These are designed to work with mobile phones, and you can discreetly plug into your chosen device, or clip onto your clothing or a nearby surface. There are so many options!

Where should you film your content?

There are no rules on where you should and shouldn’t create content, but it’s important to choose somewhere that you’re comfortable. On SESIRE, we allow Creators to tag content so they’re able to keep track of which pieces of content are preferred by viewers. Creators can keep track of which settings are preferred, which will help guide setting choices for upcoming content. 

Here are some of our brand ambassadors’ favorite adult content settings:

The bedroom 

All the fun stuff happens in the bedroom. The bedroom is our top pick – it can offer a personal insight into your life as a Creator. If the bedroom sounds like it could be right for you, be sure to add some personality to your backdrop – some props and accessories can help amplify your Creator persona. For example, if you’re creating content as ‘the girl next door,’ how about adding some teddies to heighten the innocence?

The bathroom

Bathrooms are also common locations to shoot content. Like in the bedroom, adding some personal touches will help show your Creator personality. Bathroom settings should be clean and often benefit from soft lighting. Be sure to keep it clutter-free to stop the audience getting distracted.


On SESIRE, Creators can choose to create content anonymously. A display name and username will be readable by all on the platform, but all personal information is completely protected and will never be revealed to anyone. This means Creators can create content anonymously and be confident it will remain this way. If you’re planning on remaining anonymous, studios could be a great setting to avoid being identified.

Understand which types of content to offer 

As well as all the traditional ways to earn on content subscription platforms, SESIRE offers a variety of additional ways to earn that sets us apart from others in the industry – and one of the big reasons creators choose SESIRE Creators can have content that’s free to view for followers, content that’s for subscribers only, and then there’s premium content which can be purchased or paid to view once.

Content behind a subscription tier can be unlocked without subscribing, and the cost of this is set by our Creators. Users can also interact through LIVE, pay-per-view messages, tips, custom content and more. It’s important to know which type of content to offer.

The best way for Creators to determine which content their fans want is to ask them. Creators should embrace asking for feedback – the happier your fans are, the more money you make so everyone’s a winner.

Ready to start creating and monetizing your audience? Sign up now at Sesire.com and join our community. We can’t wait to see you!